Twitter Re-launched

Jamie Fairbairn has written a very good article on how he would develop Twitter if it was to start now. Twitter is going to celebrate it’s 5th birthday this year and Fairbairn gives ten ways which he would change Twitter if it was started now.

  1. Auto DMs wouldn’t exist – The annoying thing for him is when he’s communicating with someone and an auto DM comes up saying ‘check out my blog, like me on Facebook’. It loses its personal touch then.
  2. Certain words and phrases would be filtered out – Like ‘make money online’ and ‘get more Twitter followers’, no thanks!
  3. Daily limit on tweets – exactly what it says on the tin!
  4. A ban on tweet scheduling
  5. An audio chat function
  6. A Twitter divide – business and social
  7. An official jobs board
  8. A smarter ‘who to follow’ function
  9. A tweet improvement tool
  10.  A tweet spell checker


Some of these suggestions would actually be very useful for professionals using Twitter. The Twitter divide would be useful as you could keep things strictly professional. And the tweet spell checker could be very useful for those trying to establish connections in the PR world as spelling and grammar done poorly could cost you a job.

These are seriously some good suggestions and if implicated onto Twitter, could make or break someone’s career in PR.

Link to article –


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