It Takes a Lot of Planning

James L. Horton has written a very good article on the relationship between Public Relations and social media.

However Horton asks whether PR professionals have the patience to be able to complete the necessary work to make Social media an effective communication tool.

Horton gives a great step-by-step plan to achieve this goal:

  • Develop strategy and objectives
  • Determine audiences and characteristics
  • Develop message(s)
  • List potential media
  • Establish timelines
  • Establish metrics


He goes on to say the person involved needs to go on to identify the media people are more likely to use and use these to create channels between themselves and their clients.

With the way the PR world works now means establishing these channels aren’t going to be as easy as it seems. The way it works on the internet means it is so easy for PR agencies to get involved in social media so competition is strong.

The winners will be those that find the best ways of communication with their clients. Websites like are extremely useful as they can arrange face to face meetings but through the internet.

As time goes on more and more websites will become available and more and more ways to establish contacts will become available. And the competition will become much hotter!

Link to article –


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