Is The PR World Prepared To Work Online

The Public Relations world is a changing world. And the big question is are those moving into the profession of Public Relations ready to go with it?

Well PR expertJasonFallsfeels that it is the education of young PR pro’s which is keeping some behind the times.

Falls says that PR should own the responsibility for social media and should make sure that education on social media should be implemented across the profession to young pro’s.

Falls says that college programmes are still teaching students press releases as standard but are forgetting about there is a shift away from the standard press release these days.

He goes on to say that PR professionals are more likely to now be in control of a website or a blog and if they aren’t social media literate then they’re going to struggle and as a result of the shift in trend, so will the company.

There are some stats that back up Falls’ opinions. 88% of Brits use social media sites (eMarketer, February 2011). With nearly the whole population ofBritainusing social media sites it would be completely stupid for a PR company not to utilise social media. And by 2015, it is estimated that there will be 30.9 million people using social media websites (eMarketer, February 2011).

These statistics speak volumes and is an opportunity not to be missed by anyone involved in PR!

Link to Jason Falls’ blog –


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