Using Social Media To Get Results

Through doing some research into the world of Public Relations and social media I came across a very good article on Mashable. PR professional Jeremy Pepper gives a great insight into how PR professionals are using social media to get the results they crave for.

Pepper starts by saying that social media is a great platform for business to business PR. It forms a great way to keep in contact and stay in touch with what the others are doing.

Social media also drives authenticity. Pepper uses the juniorUSsenator fromMissourias a prime example. Claire McCaskill is an avid Twitter user and she uses social media to give a personal connection to her constituents. She makes sure she responds to every tweet aimed at her either with an @personx reply or a direct message. The reason this tactic is so successful is because her constituents feel like they are being responded to on a personal level.

Brand loyalty is a very important factor for success. Pepper works with Targus who make computer bags. Through social media they have been able to promote the company and offer deals and discount codes and create a buzz with potential customers. This way people wanting to purchase a computer bag will think of Targus first.

There are more ways in which social media is used to achieve goals but reading the article is more interesting than this blog!

However it is interesting to see there are already smart tactics to utilise the full potential of social media as a PR tool.

Link to article –


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