The Joy of Twitter

Twitter is quickly becoming the daddy for uncovering breaking news stories. With how easy it for anyone to make a video and upload it onto the internet it’s becoming the first port-of-call for many news channels.

The recent events in the Middle East andNorth Africahave seen Twitter secure its status as the number one social networking site around at the moment.

Major news networks such as Al Jazeera were straight on to Twitter to find videos of the escalating violence and destruction from all the countries that have been going through some turbulent times.

The great thing about Twitter is that it allows the media access to areas which they are prohibited to enter. One thing a government can’t control is citizen journalism and this is what has allowed us all to see what’s been going on in the places we aren’t allowed into.

And it is Twitter’s new found uses which can be so beneficial to Public Relations. Especially to those specialising in writing press releases, Twitter can be a haven for discovering news stories and promoting their own business to attract work.

Any Public Relations agency not using Twitter are seriously missing out on a potentially huge advertising haven and are way behind the times!


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2 Responses to The Joy of Twitter

  1. The way people use Twitter to give out and find information is amazingly quick, even in this technological age. The amount of corporations such as Sky and BBC who have their own ‘breaking news’ Twitter feed is good, and shows they are keeping up with the times.

    The fact that the people who also work for these corporations ‘tweet’ breaking news stories is good as well as it keeps you live and up to date with information filtering through just as the corporations get it too! I especially like that the Sky Sports News team often do this, with presenters such as Georgie Thompson, Simon Thomas and Charlotte Jackson all regularly updating their Twitter, even when they are on air.

    I think this could well be the future of news updates, as it is quick and simple to get news out, and can be updated at any time. Could Twitter be the end of hard copy news?!

  2. scotteprblog says:

    I agree with the points that you have raised in this blog, I feel that twitter plays a huge part in the way that news is presented in todays day and age.

    Twitter allows any users to upload information and videos quick and easy leading to the new form of citizen journalism that twitter has brought into the 21st century.

    Although it is breeding this new form of citizen journalism, major news corporations such as BBC and Sky are taking full advantage of twitter with latest news updates and daily information being tweeted for all to read. Each of the corporations have their own ‘breaking news’ twitter feed as well as the presenters of the shows tweeting at the same time with their own personal views so that both sides are being represented, the personal and unbais point of view and then the view of the major corporation.

    I believe that twitter is going to play a major part in the way news is presented in the future. I feel that the fact that you only have 140 characters to write your “story” is a great feature as news stories and information are being realeased quickly and to the point.

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