The Future

The internet really is a beautiful thing. And it certainly is the future!

With websites like Twitter becoming a playground for journalists and PR professional’s it seems only right that the internet will become the first place these professional’s go to find their work.

The internet gives the potential to build so many networks with which journalists and Public Relations professionals can tap into and build relationships with anyone across the world.

And it is social network sites that make this possible. Websites like Linkedin, which is specifically designed to build professional relationships, are helping build foundations on which professionals can build up there own networks through blogging and social media.

From there they can build relationships with other PR professionals and agencies and use these relationships to discover thousands and thousands of possibilities to enhance their own work.

And not only can a PR pro enhance their profile in their own country but the internet allows them to advertise themselves internationally. PR really is a global profession and the internet is the ultimate way to enhance your reputation and make yourself a global icon in the PR world.

A clear sign that using social media as a PR tool is the way forward as the CIPR launched a social media panel last year. The panel is set up to look at issues such as online reputation developments, convergence in marketing communications and best practice social media measurement.

Link to CIPR article –


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