Twitter Re-launched

Jamie Fairbairn has written a very good article on how he would develop Twitter if it was to start now. Twitter is going to celebrate it’s 5th birthday this year and Fairbairn gives ten ways which he would change Twitter if it was started now.

  1. Auto DMs wouldn’t exist – The annoying thing for him is when he’s communicating with someone and an auto DM comes up saying ‘check out my blog, like me on Facebook’. It loses its personal touch then.
  2. Certain words and phrases would be filtered out – Like ‘make money online’ and ‘get more Twitter followers’, no thanks!
  3. Daily limit on tweets – exactly what it says on the tin!
  4. A ban on tweet scheduling
  5. An audio chat function
  6. A Twitter divide – business and social
  7. An official jobs board
  8. A smarter ‘who to follow’ function
  9. A tweet improvement tool
  10.  A tweet spell checker


Some of these suggestions would actually be very useful for professionals using Twitter. The Twitter divide would be useful as you could keep things strictly professional. And the tweet spell checker could be very useful for those trying to establish connections in the PR world as spelling and grammar done poorly could cost you a job.

These are seriously some good suggestions and if implicated onto Twitter, could make or break someone’s career in PR.

Link to article –

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It Takes a Lot of Planning

James L. Horton has written a very good article on the relationship between Public Relations and social media.

However Horton asks whether PR professionals have the patience to be able to complete the necessary work to make Social media an effective communication tool.

Horton gives a great step-by-step plan to achieve this goal:

  • Develop strategy and objectives
  • Determine audiences and characteristics
  • Develop message(s)
  • List potential media
  • Establish timelines
  • Establish metrics


He goes on to say the person involved needs to go on to identify the media people are more likely to use and use these to create channels between themselves and their clients.

With the way the PR world works now means establishing these channels aren’t going to be as easy as it seems. The way it works on the internet means it is so easy for PR agencies to get involved in social media so competition is strong.

The winners will be those that find the best ways of communication with their clients. Websites like are extremely useful as they can arrange face to face meetings but through the internet.

As time goes on more and more websites will become available and more and more ways to establish contacts will become available. And the competition will become much hotter!

Link to article –

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Is The PR World Prepared To Work Online

The Public Relations world is a changing world. And the big question is are those moving into the profession of Public Relations ready to go with it?

Well PR expertJasonFallsfeels that it is the education of young PR pro’s which is keeping some behind the times.

Falls says that PR should own the responsibility for social media and should make sure that education on social media should be implemented across the profession to young pro’s.

Falls says that college programmes are still teaching students press releases as standard but are forgetting about there is a shift away from the standard press release these days.

He goes on to say that PR professionals are more likely to now be in control of a website or a blog and if they aren’t social media literate then they’re going to struggle and as a result of the shift in trend, so will the company.

There are some stats that back up Falls’ opinions. 88% of Brits use social media sites (eMarketer, February 2011). With nearly the whole population ofBritainusing social media sites it would be completely stupid for a PR company not to utilise social media. And by 2015, it is estimated that there will be 30.9 million people using social media websites (eMarketer, February 2011).

These statistics speak volumes and is an opportunity not to be missed by anyone involved in PR!

Link to Jason Falls’ blog –

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Using Social Media To Get Results

Through doing some research into the world of Public Relations and social media I came across a very good article on Mashable. PR professional Jeremy Pepper gives a great insight into how PR professionals are using social media to get the results they crave for.

Pepper starts by saying that social media is a great platform for business to business PR. It forms a great way to keep in contact and stay in touch with what the others are doing.

Social media also drives authenticity. Pepper uses the juniorUSsenator fromMissourias a prime example. Claire McCaskill is an avid Twitter user and she uses social media to give a personal connection to her constituents. She makes sure she responds to every tweet aimed at her either with an @personx reply or a direct message. The reason this tactic is so successful is because her constituents feel like they are being responded to on a personal level.

Brand loyalty is a very important factor for success. Pepper works with Targus who make computer bags. Through social media they have been able to promote the company and offer deals and discount codes and create a buzz with potential customers. This way people wanting to purchase a computer bag will think of Targus first.

There are more ways in which social media is used to achieve goals but reading the article is more interesting than this blog!

However it is interesting to see there are already smart tactics to utilise the full potential of social media as a PR tool.

Link to article –

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The Future

The internet really is a beautiful thing. And it certainly is the future!

With websites like Twitter becoming a playground for journalists and PR professional’s it seems only right that the internet will become the first place these professional’s go to find their work.

The internet gives the potential to build so many networks with which journalists and Public Relations professionals can tap into and build relationships with anyone across the world.

And it is social network sites that make this possible. Websites like Linkedin, which is specifically designed to build professional relationships, are helping build foundations on which professionals can build up there own networks through blogging and social media.

From there they can build relationships with other PR professionals and agencies and use these relationships to discover thousands and thousands of possibilities to enhance their own work.

And not only can a PR pro enhance their profile in their own country but the internet allows them to advertise themselves internationally. PR really is a global profession and the internet is the ultimate way to enhance your reputation and make yourself a global icon in the PR world.

A clear sign that using social media as a PR tool is the way forward as the CIPR launched a social media panel last year. The panel is set up to look at issues such as online reputation developments, convergence in marketing communications and best practice social media measurement.

Link to CIPR article –

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The Joy of Twitter

Twitter is quickly becoming the daddy for uncovering breaking news stories. With how easy it for anyone to make a video and upload it onto the internet it’s becoming the first port-of-call for many news channels.

The recent events in the Middle East andNorth Africahave seen Twitter secure its status as the number one social networking site around at the moment.

Major news networks such as Al Jazeera were straight on to Twitter to find videos of the escalating violence and destruction from all the countries that have been going through some turbulent times.

The great thing about Twitter is that it allows the media access to areas which they are prohibited to enter. One thing a government can’t control is citizen journalism and this is what has allowed us all to see what’s been going on in the places we aren’t allowed into.

And it is Twitter’s new found uses which can be so beneficial to Public Relations. Especially to those specialising in writing press releases, Twitter can be a haven for discovering news stories and promoting their own business to attract work.

Any Public Relations agency not using Twitter are seriously missing out on a potentially huge advertising haven and are way behind the times!

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Hello world!

Why won’t twittwe appear on my blog!!!!

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